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Ontario Fishing Trips

Have you ever dreamt of an Anglers paradise? Then come to the place where more than 400,000 lakes, rivers and streams offer world renowned fishing experiences throughout the whole year. You could go Ice fishing on Lake Simcoe, try for massive salmon on Lake Erie with a charted business, discover your favorite fly-fishing spot on the Grand River, or plan a quick flight into adventure with the most experienced fly-in fishing operators in the north. In regards to accommodations you can choose from all-inclusive lodges, House kept cabins, remote camps and outposts. However you want to get there, be it by paddle, plane, train or automobile, come north for your next angling adventure.


Kesagami Lodge

Deep in the heart  of the vast untamed wilderness of Northern Ontario,  North of Cochrane, you will find the awe inspiring Kesagami Lake- One of the very best trophy northern pike fishing lakes Ontario has to offer. Kesagami boasts a seemingly infinite number of pike and world class fish between 40 inches (20lb) and 50 inches (30lb). Rigorous Conservation, size and possession regulations accompanied by a strong “Catch and Release” policy have contributed to creating and maintaining a healthy trophy fishery for generations to come.  Not only limited to pike fishing, Kesagami Lake boasts  incredible walleye fishing, and can be counted on to deliver fish in the 1 to 4 pound class. In addition to Kesagami we also operate 20 outpost camps which almost exclusively (except Nettogami) are the sole camps on the lake which they are located. Nettogami features three camps all of which are owned and operated by our business. Camp conditions differ from the classic rustic lodge, simple modern plywood, and even new “cottage-style” siding.

Island Lake Camp

We would like to invite you to join us for a wonderful week of fishing, hunting, sightseeing and adventure here at Lady Evelyn Lake, located in the heart of maple country. You will be immediately captivated by the incredible scenery, wildlife and the peacefully remote waters of Northern Ontario.  Lady Evelyn Lake was created by human hands and originally began as a simple river.  In 1925 A hydro control dam was constructed.  Even so, the lake has remained isolated and there has never been a road built by which to reach it.  It can only be reached from the air or by traveling across the water, which has prevented the waters from becoming too crowded or over exploited. A wide variety of fish species can be discovered throughout the Lake, making almost any spot you decide to fish a good one.  Whether you prefer to troll, cast, still fish, or drift there will be an abundance of walleye (pickerel), bass and pike patiently awaiting your arrival. If you are feeling more adventurous and explorative you can choose to take a day trip into one of the many secluded lakes and fish for trout.  If a change in scene from all the excellent fishing is required, you can always take a hike down our well marked trail to the top of Maple Mountain. The mountain trail is a short (18 mile) distance from the camp.  The mountain peak allows for an amazing view, and holds the record for the second highest peak in Ontario

Fireside Lodge

Fireside Lodge, uniquely stationed in Northwest Ontario, Canada, near Sioux Lookout is the only lodge that can be found on a 10-lake system. Our unique position allows to offer a Canadian Wilderness Fishing Adventure with excellent fishing and access to a variety of species from Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike to the more ferocious Tiger Musky, & Muskie. We offer a choice of accommodations for our guests whether they prefer a lodge room in our historic lodge building, or our newly constructed and private lake front cabins. We Use top of the line equipment which is up to date and can be relied upon. 16 ft Lund boats with floors, comfortable swivel seats, quality Yamaha motors, landing nets, and all safety equipment is supplied. Boat upgrades are also an option. We will also provide our guests with an extensive lake and equipment orientation with lake maps. We are always happy to help any anglers with instructions and advice. Our full service package will give you a relaxing vacation where all the details have been taken care of, including amazing meals, and all you have to do simply enjoy yourself. Our location is secluded, and provides excellent opportunities for viewing wildlife, exploring the boreal forest, embarking on excursions, kayaking and canoeing. Enjoy All the activities which will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the wilderness. Come celebrate this wonderful “Canadian Wilderness Fishing Adventure” where Moose and Bear call home, where Bald Eagles and Osprey soar, and the Loon call serenades you to sleep at night. Come experience the great outdoors at Fireside Lodge.